Hafa samband

225 Álftanes

00354 8231546

Eyvindarholt is a small, family-run guesthouse that emphasizes the unique nature and wildlife of Álftanes. The guesthouse offers wonderful views of Álftanes, Reykjavík and the surrounding area, including the nearby presidential residence, Bessastaðir. Eyvindarholt is a short distance from the culture, trade and amenities of the capital, being only a 15-minute drive from Reykjavík’s city center.


Gistiheimilið Eyvindarholt

Eyvindarholt 1. 225 Álftanes

ID: 410715-0740  

Vat number: 121292


Contact numbers:

Áslaug Arna Stefánsdóttir: +354 823 1546